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Desiring God - You’re Not a Student First - Matt Reagan

'I’m a student first.' Campus ministers have heard the excuse a thousand times as they challenge Christian college students to invest their lives in evangelism, disciplemaking, and service to others. It’s a line young collegiates have been fed by well-meaning parents and counselors, who want them to guard their study time and succeed in school. But the danger can come in betraying the Christian’s deepest identity and the calling that far surpasses that of a student, and every other. To prepare you for heading back to campus as a Christian, this two-minute video helps the Christian collegiate reckon with the most fundamental question of each new semester.

Matt Reagan is the director for Campus Outreach Charleston.

Length: 2mins

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Most people in the world have no experience of deep and abiding joy. Even though it is something we all desperately long for, the assurance that true happiness can be known — fully and forever — is a hope that billions of people live every day without. This is a tragedy. Desiring God is on a mission to change that. Every video they create exists to guide you toward everlasting joy in Jesus Christ. For more information visit: