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The Pastor's Heart - SPECIAL: Stem Cells, COVID-19 and the Archbishops

In a special edition today, we address a key issue: should you personally choose to use a COVID-19 vaccine candidate that makes use of a cell line cultured from an electively aborted human fetus? To put it super bluntly: if I get vaccinated for covid-19 am I complicit in an abortion? Our guests - Megan Best is a bioethicist who has promoted a Christian view of medical ethics for over 20 years. Megan is the author of two books on ethics at the beginning of life: 'Fearfully and Wonderfully Made' and 'A Life Already Started', as well as many articles on ethics and spiritual care at the end of life. Chase Kuhn is the director for the Centre for Christian Living and lectures on theology and ethics at Moore College in Sydney. Today's discussion follows the release of a letter jointly signed by the Sydney Archbishops of the Anglican, Roman Catholic and Greek Orthodox Churches calling for ethical research on COVID-19 vaccines.

Length: 31mins

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