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Mark Lanier: Biblical Study While Living with Corona - Lesson 2

Summary: The number one issue facing most people during the worldwide pandemic is fear and uncertainty. The Bible speaks about these concerns. Those in biblical times shared similar anxieties: life, health, loved ones, jobs/finances, economy, life changes, supplies to exist, and more. Psalm 42 & 43 speaks to our concerns. The psalmist was having a tough time holding his stressful life together. He learned surviving emotional turmoil means engaging the head and not just the emotions of the heart. Even Jesus quoted passages from these Psalms while in the Garden of Gethsemane. Mark points out that God isn’t finished with us yet. Let’s continually put our fears and uncertainties before God.

With a worldwide pandemic with COVID-19, the world slowed down as people practiced social distancing. This meant that the churches, a body of believers, had to find worship through different methods. At a time when the internet is crucial to life, worship went on line. This is Biblical Literacy's response as Mark Lanier teaches scriptural truths in light of fear and uncertainty.

Length: 30mins

Accompanying notes for this, and other episodes can be found here.

Biblical Literacy is a class taught on Sunday mornings by W. Mark Lanier in Texas, US. Mark is a top 10 US trial attorney who also holds a B.A. in biblical Languages.

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