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The Jesmond Conference 2022 - Bible Reading 1: Isaiah 6: 1-13 - Who is God?

God is glorious and gracious and he calls us to serve him! In this first Bible Reading of the conference, Jonathan Pryke explores the nature of God and how He looks for a response from us.

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Length: 20mins

This Jesmond Conference 2022 is on “The True and Traditional Anglican” recognizes that the wider world has moved on, even from last year! We reminded ourselves, then, of Solzhenitsyn’s view that the modern world can be summarized in four words, “Men have forgotten God.” But today we have “progressed”, as someone has said, to six words, “Men are at war with God.”

“Awakened from agnostic slumber by new forms of temptation, chiefly the sexual revolution, humanity is at war with God over a question that reaches back to the beginning of time: Who, exactly, should have power over creation?” (Mary Eberstadt).

We meet assuming the true and traditional Anglican conviction (see Canon A5) that, as the Bishops said in Issues in Human Sexuality:

“there is in Scripture an evolving convergence on the ideal of lifelong, monogamous, heterosexual union as the setting intended by God for the proper development of men and women as sexual beings. Sexual activity of any kind outside marriage comes to be seen as sinful, and homosexual practice as especially dishonourable” (2.29).

With that conviction we aim to ask who are true and traditional Anglicans, why they are needed, where are changes needed, and our response.

The Jesmond Conference runs annually to engage with public issues from a Christian perspective. David Holloway has been Vicar of Jesmond Parish Church since 1973, a large Anglican Church in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK with 2 sites, a staff team of over 30 and a congregation of over 1,000. He is often asked to speak on public issues on local and national radio, is a council member of Reform and is the author of several books including, 'The Church of England, Where Is it Going?'

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