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Virtual Family Church 9.30am 13 Sept '20 A short fun service for adults and kids

Today's theme: 'God Using Evil'. Join us every Sunday 9.30 am for our short, fun morning service featuring great music from the Keswick Convention, animated puppets, interactive activities for young and old, a short kids' talk with downloadable Sunday school resources and a full adults' Bible talk. The service is led by Rod Earnshaw, Senior Minster of Holy Trinity Gateshead and produced by the team at Clayton.TV, the UK's largest evangelical video library and online broadcaster.

Today Ben Cadoux-Hudson, Internationals Co-ordinator from Jesmond Parish Church, will be speaking to the adults on 'God Using Evil' from Genesis 42-45 - God sovereignly works human evil for the ultimate good of many people. Ben Cadoux-Hudson reminds us that God is working through bad situations in our lives for the good of many others, even if we can't immediately see it.

Dan McBride's children’s talk is on ‘Moses was Great: Jesus is Much Greater' from Hebrews 3: 1-6 - To the Hebrews, Moses was THE guy of history, the great servant of God. But Hebrews 3 reminds them that Jesus, who they have put their trust in, is much much greater. He's not just God's servant: he's the Son. How could you walk away from God's promised, perfect King? Andy and Dan's team have provided downloadable activities for children and youth to go with the talks for you to do Sunday school from home: Click here to download

Throughout the Coronavirus outbreak Clayton TV will be live streaming 3 weekly services. All our services will still include music, prayers and Bible teaching and graphics to help you participate from home.

This is the permament link to our upcoming/latest 9.30am Virtual Family Church - our short interactive service.

This is the permanent link to our upcoming/latest 10.30am Jesmond Parish service live stream.

This is the permanent link to our upcoming/latest 6.30pm Jesmond Parish service live stream.

Length: -56mins

Clayton TV is a Christian Internet TV channel dedicated to bringing excellent Bible teaching to people around the world. We've got lots more material for children in our 'kids' section under the browse tab on

Rod Earnshaw is the senior minister of Holy Trinity Gateshead, an Anglican church in the North East of England. Check out their website and come along when we're back to meeting together. If you live in Tyneside- do contact Rod via the church website if you'd like to join one of their 'virtual' home groups during this Coronavirus lockdown period or if you've got any questions to find out more about Jesus and the Christian faith.

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