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Top 5 Books in 60s... for Teenagers

5 Books to help teenagers get serious about following Jesus and develop godly habits early on.

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Ken Matthews is the Assistant Minister of St Joseph's Benwell, Newcastle UK. He has 15 years experience in youth ministry.

Here are 5 top books for teenagers:

1. Tricky by Michael Dormandy and Carl Laferton. This is great book for those thinking through the Christian faith as it answers 9 tough questions about Christianity in a really clear and engaging way.

2. Fearless by Jonty Allcock. Here Jonty unpacks the book of Daniel to help young Christians stand firm when the going gets tough.

3. Input Output by Jo Boddam-Whetham. Jo has written this book to get you into another book – the Bible! It challenges and equips you to develop a regular, personal time of reading God’s Word and praying.

4. Disciplines of a Godly Young Man by R Kent Hughes. Discipline is not a popular word, but this relevant, no-nonsense book is a must for any young man who wants to follow Jesus.

5. Cherished by Rachel Gardener. This tackles head-on the issues facing teenage girls such as puberty, sex and self image. It encourages them to protect their hearts and yet still be open to God and others.

So if you’re a teenager or know a teenager then do yourself or them a favour and grab one of these 5 top books. 

Length: 2mins

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